Smoke and soot fil­ter­ing sys­tem for wood fired piz­za ovens.
Approved by AVPN (Asso­ci­azione Ver­ace Piz­za Napoletana)

Our Smoke Away appli­ance is a machine that com­plete­ly removes all soot par­ti­cles asso­ci­at­ed with piz­za oven flues and as such pre­vents atmos­pher­ic pol­lu­tion whilst elim­i­nat­ing any risk of com­bus­tion or inter­nal fires.

The sys­tem func­tions by fil­ter­ing piz­za oven exhaust through nature’s most com­mon ele­ment, water! This proven fil­tra­tion method relies on a sim­ple and effi­cient sys­tem that puri­fies the smoke par­ti­cles from the exhaust fumes pro­duced dur­ing the com­bus­tion of fuel.

Due to the appli­ance’s cus­tom design that does not reduce the width of the exist­ing flue sys­tem, there is no restric­tion to the nat­ur­al air flow as it con­tains no inner fil­ter or cre­ates any asso­ci­at­ed ‘bot­tle­neck­ing’ as with oth­er fil­tra­tion machines.