Mobi Pizza Ovens Ltd is official distributor for Millberg Spitfire – professional gas burners for pizza ovens. Most powerful, effective and economical gas burner for professional pizza ovens.

A burner designed to replace wood in pizza ovens has become symbol of membership SPITFIRE which is not only a gas burner but a new way conceiving fire heat. Your pizza will be baked in a new environmental friendly way. Thanks for trusting us, your choice is an appreciated acknowledgement to the work we have been doing with passion for over 20 years.

This MILLBERG burner model SPITFIRE has been designed, manufactured in compliance with the strictest manufacturing protocols, to provide high quality performances, a friendly use, and excellent results; you will also be proud to say: I do not have a gas burner I have a SPITFIRE in my pizzeria!


We can supply amazing Avanzini gas burners for all traditional and commercial ovens and tubular gas burners for stainless steel ovens.

As we work closely with Avanzini Bruciatori — we can guarantee the best burner for oven of your choice or to supply best gas burner for your existing oven. Avanzini GAS burners are hand made and tailored for the specific oven they going to be installed into — this guarantees best oven performance. They are suitable for natural gas or LPG too. This is very important that the right burner is installed into your oven. (For example — burner length depends on oven floor thickness or burner output (power) depends on oven size.

So these burners are priced individually. We offer manual controlled or digital thermostat controlled units.

Milberg Spitfire

Avanzini Domestic

Avanzini Professional