The patented wheeled cart system allows to create a corner inside or outside a premises or to participate in fairs, festivals, parties, events. Perfectly equipped to cut, cook and sell fragrant fresh chips.



As an alternative to a three-wheeled “APE” van, the CIAO CHIPS system is also available on a wheeled cart.

The system is covered by Eurochef patent in both versions.

The cart enables you to work indoors or out.
You can create a corner inside your premises or use the cart to do business at exhibitions, fairs, festivals and events of all kinds.

The cart is equipped with everything you need to run our operations independently, and is available with various models of deep fryers, to be chosen according to your needs.

The CIAO CHIPS cart comes complete with:

  • Potato cutter
  • Transparent potato box
  • Deep fryer (different models depending on requirements)
  • Pull-out sink with hot water
  • Pull-out shelf
  • Parasol with LED lighting
  • Electrical panel with connection lead
  • Bowl, ladles, salt cellars, paper cones and advertising sign

    The CIAO CHIPS cart has charm and appeal and is certain to attract curious customers, who will be stunned first by seeing the crisps made while they watch, and then by the goodness of this simple, natural product.