DRAGO D4 GAS BURNER and control panel with digital heat control

Ideal for large wood-burning ovens over 250 cm

It is tailor-made to the height of the oven floor, in which a 200×200 mm hole must be drilled in order to insert the flange with thermal steel protective cap that protrudes 2–3 cm above the baking floor to protect the burner.

The Drago D4 is equipped with safety appliances that are certified worldwide: it has two on/off solenoid valves and a flame on/off and control unit which works on an ionisation principle, which directly ignites the pilot flame.

The Drago D4 has four torches. The burner works in ON-OFF mode and the combustion air control is independent on each torch to ensure full brightness, thus simplifying the oven management to the full and offering considerable fuel savings.

The control panel has digital heat control and switches off the burner when the temperature setpoint is reached.