Closed fryers with double tank, one automatic and one manual, to be connected to the extractor hood or to the flue. To prepare different, frozen and fresh products in a single machine.


FRYCHEF is an automatic and a manual deep fryer in one.

A truly dual function appliance! With FRYCHEF there are no limits; you decide how to work depending on what you want to cook. You can replace the automatic basket with a traditional manual one, to enjoy the benefits of a self-contained appliance with no smoke or steam emissions.

In the FD6 model The left-hand basin is an automatic deep fryer, while the one on the right is both automatic and manual: to cook a fresh product, you just open the door at the front and insert the steel basket. This lets you watch the food as it cooks and turn it if necessary.

The FD7 model is both automatic and manual on both sides, with a single hatch that needs to be opened in manual mode.

Finally, the FD8 model is automatic only on the left-hand side and manual only on the right-hand side.

FRYCHEF has an accurate electronic thermoregulation system and an extremely precise timer with both audio and visual alarm.


With FRYCHEF you can make a vast number of dishes:

  • from fresh: fish, pasties, battered products, vegetables, fried mozzarella cheese, rice fritters, doughnuts, ………
  • to frozen: French fries, croquettes, cheese fritters, onion rings, chicken wings, cutlets, fish, custard.. custard …….



1. Control keyboard
2. Load hatch
3. Sportello per frittura manuale
4. Dicharge hopper
5. Air recycling system
6. Frying basket
7. Oil basin


For those who want to cook both frozen and fresh foods.

Because it is a counter-top fryer with kitchen-level performance.

FRYCHEF is ideal for restaurants, pubs, delicatessens, take-away outlets and all businesses that cook fresh foods in delicate batters, items that are too large for automatic fryers, or items that tend to break up or require turning during frying.

Technical  data


Specifications FryChef FD6                             FryChef FD7   FryChef FD8   
Product charging quantity 600 gr + 600 gr  600 gr + 600 gr  600 gr + 600 gr
Oil capacity 9 + 9 liters  9 + 9 liters  9 + 9 liters
Power supply* 380/400 V – 50/60 Hz  380/400 V – 50/60 Hz  380/400 V – 50/60 Hz
Heating power* 3.6 kW each element  3.6 kW each element 3.6 kW each element
Total power* 7.4 kW  7.4 kW 7.4 kW
Dimensions width 88cm, depth 66cm, height 64cm width 88cm, depth 66cm, height 64cm width 76cm, depth 66cm, height 64cm
Minimum diameter of the hole for vent pipe 98 mm 98 mm  98 mm
Weight 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg

* Other supply voltages and power ranges are available on request