Gi metal ALICE Strong heat-resistant perforated small pizza turning peel in stainless steel 17cm / 168cm

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The Alice small turning peels are entirely in stainless steel, they have an oval shape with an increased thickness of the head, to ensure the right strongness to move the small logs of woods as well inside the oven. tubular diameter handle and traditional attachment directly on the round surface. they’re available both in the solid and perforated versions, with diffused slots to reduce its weight. Grips at the base of the handle and sliding element in specific polymer with high-resistance to impact and heat.

  • Stainless steel hightly resistant
  • Solid and heat resistant
  • Sliding interim grip
  • Perforated version


classic line that focuses on the more traditional
concept of the pizza peel: the shape is unique, rectangular
with very wide angles, perfect round/rectangular
synthesis, the structure is rigid, the handle and
head are thicker.

Rigid structure
The rectangular head provides the perfect housing for pizza
with a very large curve radius, dropping to the base. The
milling is frontal and the increased thickness assures rigidity,
resistance to the accidental hits, to the scratches, allowing to
hold the heaviest and huge pizzas.
The head-handle joint consists of the insertion in the
handle of the head extension blocked internally by two
cones with expansion joint.
Available in five head sizes and 4 different handle lengths.
The perforated version is partial, in the frontal part of the
head, studied for exalting the easy-slide and to loose the
possible flour in excess remained under the pizza during the
Small turning peel entirely in stainless steel, it has an oval
shape with an increased thickness of the head, to ensure the
right strength to move the small logs of woods as well
inside the oven.
Tubular handle and traditional attachment directly on the
round surface.
Grips at the base of the handle and sliding element in
specific polymer with high-resistance to impact and heat (a
fitting on the handle base makes it possible to block the
interim element and find it available at the top when the small
peel is placed head down).