Gi metal CARBON line Perforated rectangular pizza peel, carbon fibre handle 33cm / 186cm

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Peel with perforated hard oxide anodised aluminium head and 150 cm carbon fibre handle. The head is highly-resistant to wear and abrasion thanks to the particular treatment the aluminium alloy was subject to. The carbon fibre gives unprecedented lightness, thermal insulation that drastically reduces heat transmission, and mechanical resistance to chemical agents.

It’s the lightest among the Gi.Metal peels: a 33 cm Carbon peel weighs 570 gr only.

The hard anodise oxidisation is a deep anodising that grants as a result the constitution
of a superficial layer, compact and resistant to prolonged usage, abrasion,
with high superficial hardness

The holes reduce the friction, the quantity of flour in excess and the weight of
the tool.

The flexibility of the peel head together with the frontal milling facilitate the
scraper effect: the peel flexes to half creating a perfect adherence between the
peel and the prep table that facilitates the taking hold of the pizza.

The strengthening on the head stiffen the peel guaranteeing stability and the
taking hold of the heaviest pizzas.

The three rivets in line guarantee complete safety and no movement, see the
rivets used in aeronautics as junction for the metallic plates

The carbon fibre handle guarantees lightness, high mechanical strength, low
density, thermal insulation capacity, resistance to chemical agents and flame
retardant properties.