Pizza Chef


The PIZZACHEF is a compact professional pizza oven, ideal for bars, pubs, pizzerias, fast food outlets, kiosks, beach clubs, etc.

It cooks any type of fresh or frozen pizza to perfection, and not only pizza!

The PIZZACHEF oven is available in the following models:

  • MP4 with two ovens (two pizzas at a time)
  • MP5 with one oven (one pizza at a time)
  • FP1 with two ovens also suitable for trays 60×40 cm (or four pizzas at a time)
  • FP2 with two ovens (four pizzas at a time)
  • FP5 with one oven (two pizzas a time)

In the MP4, FP1 and FP2 models, the two ovens are independent. This means the bottom oven can be used on its own, with the top oven serving as a warming cupboard.

Pizzachef ovens have a built-in extraction hood, so they can even be  used by those whosepremises do not have a hood.

Cooking temperatures and times for the foods in the individual ovens are set on the electronic display on the front of the appliance.



The PIZZACHEF can cook any type of pizza, but with a frozen precooked base finished with a fresh topping just before baking, the results are truly amazing.
You can serve a fantastic pizza in just 2 minutes!