Esposito Forni Electro Gio


Electric Rotating Oven. The first electric oven with an always open-mouth, rotating floor and dome built with a traditional refractory bricks. It is the only electric oven which, although it is different, it reminds an authentic wood or gas dome oven. The strengths that characterise our oven are that it’s very easy to move with a simple pallet truck or by the installation of additional wheels and the fact that the oven arrives already assembled and ready for use. Cooking process is like in a real traditional wood-fired dome shape oven, meaning that heat is stored in refractory bricks resistant to 1200 ° C. Even after 12 hours from switching off, oven retains most of the heat. The electrical resistors resulting from a long research have been conceived and designed for cooking Pizza. By managing their electrical power, low energy consumption is also taken into consideration when enormous refractory mass is heated. The latest generation electronic components from high prestige industries are used in this oven what simplifies programming for the different ways of cooking suitable for the chef’s preferences. The cooking programs can be pre-set, customised, simplifying oven use to maximum so it can be used by any person. The oven is equipped with a cleaning drawer located below the resistance of the floor. The GOLD PLUS TOP thermal insulation reduces heat losses. The rotation of the floor is on demand and you can vary the speed. Installation is very simple by connecting a small extraction pipe to the central hood to allow vapours and odours to be removed. The finishes are multiple: classic dome entirely handmade using painted metals, stainless steel, mosaic, copper, brass, or materials supplied by the customers themselves to customise the design of your oven and making it unique and pleasing to the eye just like a traditional wood-burning oven.

RESISTORS: dome and floor electric resistors are located at the back of the oven with access through the lockable compartment.

INSULATION: made with a cast of expanded clay and cement that covers the dome with a thickness of about 15cm achieving a suitable thermal insulation.

DRAWER: placed on right or left hand side to collect cooking residue.

ROTATION: rotating floor support on 10 mm plate.

BOX: lockable access to electric parts, engine and engineering components for safety and servicing.

MOUTH OF THE OVEN: standard width of 60 cm. On request it can be done in different measures.

Type Of Chimney – circular section , single or double wall

Materials – stainless steal AISI 316L and upon request stainless steel AISI 304 and copper

Exterior Appearance – gloss

Walls Thickness – mm 0,5 for diameters < mm 500 e mm 0,6 for diameters > mm 500

Operating Temperatures – 200°C with gasket 600°C without gasket

Fuels – solid , liquid or gas