Traditional Dual fuel Wood & Gas Pizza Oven – Esposito Forni – Metal or Rendered Body

PRICE AVAILABLE ON APPLICATION. ALL SIZE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO ORDER – PLEASE SEE SPEC SHEET ESPOSITO FORNI OVENS ARE BUILT TO ORDER AND CUSTOMISED INDIVIDUALLY. This is complete Dual fuel Wood & GAS PIZZA oven, double insulated, built with with refractory bricks with with painted metal or painted render dome cover. Free standard kerbside delivery within the UK mainland. WORLD WIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE


This is complete oven, double insulated, built with highest quality refractory bricks and refractory bricks arch and with the stand, 

Totally artisan kit, Hand made, wit dome covered with painted metal or render.


Oven is suitable for wood, gas or both at the same time – combined.

This Wood fired & GAS powered pizza oven is produced in an artisan way using refractory bricks, suitable for cooking
foods, with an innovative SPITFIRE gas burner designed and engineered by highly experienced technicians and
improved thanks to the valuable contribution of the pizza makers and skilled technicians that during the
years have tested it and appreciating its many advantages.
Using the gas burner we simulate the burning of wood into the oven heating up to 400°-450° C.
By maintain constant temperature into the oven, it is possible to increase the productivity and guarantee the
same quality of pizza you usually offer to your customers.
Our burner allows an economy management costs of the oven from 20% to 60% compared to the use of
wood or others burner systems.
Our burner replaces completely the wood, it offers greater higiene under and inside the oven, it eludes the
use of sometimes expensive deposits to stack the wood, it doesn’t produce soot that pollutes the
environment (often source of problems for a good neighborhood).
The oven is equipped with a burner under the  floor installed from the bottom bottom , positioned
vertically so that the flame is facing up, allowing a rapid rise of the temperature when it is needed.


The Cricchetto traditional oven was created as the first real oven that
can bake pizza and bread using environmentally friendly fuels such
as wood, gas and pellets while maintaining the typical taste of genuine
Italian products.
The uniqueness of our oven is the result of a meticulous control of all
building elements. Particular attention is paid to the refractory bricks.
The ones that are used in our oven are special, compact, pressed dry
and light-colored low-porosity and high alumina content, suitable for
cooking foods. Cricchetto is a single piece oven. Moving and installing
it is easy for anyone even for those who are not professional .
The Cricchetto coatings are various, from simple plasterboard to
mosaic, from steel to stone and many more.

INSULATION: made with a cast of expanded clay and cement that covers the dome with a thickness of about 15cm achieving a suitable thermal insulation.
EXTERNAL METAL STRUCTURE: constituted by a band in galvanised sheet metal non-corrosive of a thickness of 3 mm. Finished with painted metal sheets or painted render.
ARCH STRUCTURE: made of refractory bricks 11 x 22 x 6 cm or capon with stainless steel.
MOUTH OF THE OVEN: standard width of 60 cm. On request it can be done in different measures.

EXHAUST FUMES: Ø 20 / 25cm suitably dimension allowing the release of fumes from the cooking chamber.
ADDITIONAL INSULATION: ceramic fibre with aluminium.
DOME: built in brick 11 x 22 x 6 cm resistant to temperature of 1200 ° C.
COOKING FLOR: built in bricks 11 x 22 x 6 cm or 40 x 40 x 6 cm.

SUPPORT BASE: frame made of tubular steel with a square section of maximum size 80 x 80 mm treated with anti-rust paint properly sized to support the entire structure.

Every Esposito Forni commercial oven can be fully customised to its new owner requirements,

There is no limits in terms of external finish, size, design etc. Our online prices are for standard models.


Ovens are delivered already built (Not as a kit) – no assembly required.

Esposito Forni history:

The Esposito Forni CCA was founded in 1982 by an idea of mom Teresa , father Gabriele and
uncle Bruno .
The sons have carried out the initial project and developed it into a modern one, but in keeping loyal to
the guiding principle, namely that of building wood-fired ovens in a traditional way, using only skilled
Brick by brick the oven takes shape becoming a unique piece that will become the strength of a pizzeria
or bakery in Italy or anywhere in the world.
2013 saw the creation of a new project: our rotary oven, perfect example of how tradition and innovation
are able to merge into a single product, creating something unique.
It’s been more than 30 years during which the appreciation of our customers has been the fuel that has
inspired our desire to move forward.
We still have many ideas to be implemented with a single objective: To improve. Always!