Saetta Rotary Pizza Ovens

The Saetta — Forno rotante — DEFRA APPROVED- rotating floor , Italian brick pizza oven was developed as the second model Esposito Forni authentic oven that can bake pizza and bread using environmentally friendly fuels such as wood, gas and pellets while maintaining the typical taste of genuine Italian products.

The uniqueness of our oven is the result of a meticulous control of all building components and innovative rotating floor system. Particular attention is paid to the high quality refractory bricks. The ones that are used in our oven are special, compact, pressed dry and light coloured low porosity and high alumina content, perfectly suitable for cooking foods — especially pizza. Our Artisan brickwork is totally outstanding — you can say straight away how much attention we pay during the building process. Rotating floor system with supporting under-top spitfire gas burner makes Saetta the highest performance oven combined with easiness of operation. Esposito Forni ovens are built with pure passion.

Saetta is a single peice oven — it arrives already built. Moving and installing it is easy for anyone even for those who are not professional .

The Saetta external coatings are various, from simple plasterboard to mosaic, from steel to stone and many more — only your imagination is the limit. We can customise your oven with specific shape or design. Saetta oven can be manufactured in 4 main configurations: Purely wood fired, Wood fired with additional under-top gas burner (to support rotating floor temperature), Wood & Gas with space for wood separated from gas burner and additional under-top gas burner or purely gas with x2 Spitfire gas burners — main & under-top.